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Find Patent Lawyers for an Invention Based on Contents

Every invention is unique, and so is every lawyer, our mission is to find the best matches.

PROBLEM TO ADDRESS: To do a good patent draft work, a lawyer must have the ability to deeply understand the invention and its technical aspects. That is why law firms and lawyers typically specialize in particular industries or types of inventions. Finding a competent lawyer is painful and extremely time-consuming, as inventors have to go through a huge number of online commercials to pick up some candidates and then look at each individual’s previous experience to gauge their competence and commitment to the area of invention.

SOLUTION: Utilizing state of the art artificial intelligence, our lawyer search service is able to recommend patent lawyers and firms by matching their previous experience and a specific invention. The matching is based on machine learning, natural language processing techniques and data from multiple sources, including all 4 million US patents granted in the last 15 years. In addition to keyword based search service, we also provide lawyer/firm ranking lists for all 250,000 patent CPC categories.

Patent Lawyer/Firm Search

Recommend patent lawyers and firms with strong previous experience for a specific invention (based on keywords).

Lawyer Search

Patent Lawyer/Firm Ranking

Lawyers and firms are ranked based on the number of patents they prepared for each individual patent category.

Lawyer Ranking

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