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Every Invention is Unique, Every Lawyer is also Unique, Our Mission is to Find the Best Matches

a new way to find most experienced patent lawyers, firms for your specific invention.

What This Service Does

To do good patent work, a patent lawyer must have the ability to deeply understand the invention and its technical aspects. That is why law firms and lawyers typically specialize in particular industries or types of inventions.  Utilizing state of the art artificial intelligence, our recommendation service is able to recommend patent lawyers and firms by matching their previous experience and your specific invention. The matching is based multiple sources, including all 4 million US patents granted in the last 15 years. This process usually results in a match that can significantly speed up the patent application process and produce high quality patent applications.

Patent Lawyer/Firm Recommendation

Find patent lawyers/firms that have strong experience in handling your specific invention. This service is based on user input keywords. Lawyer ranking by individual patent category is a separate service [link].

Recommend Lawyers

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