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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Patent Digest Service Signup Instruction

The signup form has two sections. Section 1 is pretty straightforward. The key part of this form is Section 2, which decides whether you will be tracking the right patents or not.

If what you want to do is to create an account so that you can sign in our system, you can skip the tracking service, by selecting ‘check this box to skip this tracking service’.

If you like to receive weekly updates on the patents in your interested area, then simply fill in Section 2 to specify what you interests are. You have two ways to specify your interests:

Option 1 (using keywords): you can specify up to 5 keywords to track. To help you decide what keywords are good, you can use the Patent Search Service to test them, and see if each of them will return you with the right patents.

Option 2 (using CPC categories): A cpc category is a code like G06F17/2785, indicating a particular patent subject. Using CPC Lookup, you will be able to find those categories corresponding to the topic that you are interested in. For example, if you want to track patents on the subject of relation extraction, you can type relation extraction in CPC Lookup and browse the retrieved categories. If you think the category of ‘G06F17/2785’ is the most appropriate one, you type in G06F17/2785 in one of those input boxes in Section 2. Our system can automatically detect if the input is a CPC category or keyword. If by any chance, you type in a wrong CPC category, the system will treat it as a keyword (so be careful).

Here is an example on what a complete signup form should look like.

Once you are done with the input, click on Subscribe. You will see the confirmation on screen, and receive a confirmation email later.


  • How to change my weekly digest interests?

Users can always change their interests. In the signup form, select your new interests and type in the email and password that you used when you first registered the service. Then click “Subscribe” button. Your change will go into effect immediately.


  • I have some questions on how to use your service, do you have a instruction file somewhere?

We have a user instruction with some FAQs on how to use the service.


  • How are the patents in the digest emails selected?

These patents are machine selected based on how they match against each user’s interests (the matching algorithm is based on natural language processing and machine learning). The results are sorted by relevance.


  • AllĀ  digest emails I have received so far have 100 patents. why?

We send up to 100 patents every time. These patents are sorted by relevance.


  • How often do you send out digests?

We send out two digests to each subscriber every week: one is granted patent update, another is patent application update.


  • Other than patent data, do you use data from research papers?

Internally, we use the data from research papers to improve the quality of our services. We scrape research papers from several major academic websites: pubmed, arxiv, biorxiv, etc. on a weekly basis. We also integrate such data from our partners, including “The Semantic Scholar Open Data Platform”.


  • Who are using patentdigest.org?

We started Patent Digest in 2019. Since then, a large number of people have already subscribed to our service. Most of them are researchers, IP lawyers. Some business men, reporters and investors also subscribed to this service to track most recent technology progresses.


  • How to recover my password?

Password can be recovered using the following button:

Recover Password


  • How to cancel the weekly digest service?

If you want to keep the login information, but do not want to receive further weekly update emails, you can to to the signup page, type in your email and password, select “check this box to skip this tracking service” and submit. This will remove you from weekly update service.

Otherwise, you can cancel the your account any time using the following button:

Cancel Service


  • How to contact patentdigest.org?

All other questions, requests and comments can be sent to team@patentdigest.org.