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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to change my interests?

Users can always re-select their interests. In the “Get Started” form, select your new interests and type in the email and password that you used when you first registered the service. Then click “Subscribe” button. You will receive the¬†updated digests the next business day.


  • How are the highlights in the digest emails generated?

They are generated using state of the art artificial intelligence techniques (mainly natural language processing and machine learning).


  • I get digests for more than 100 patents every week. Is it possible to get fewer?

Some areas are active, so it is expected to see a lot of new patents everyday when multiple such active areas are selected. To follow fewer patents, users are encouraged to narrow down the selected interests (see How to change my interests? ).


  • How often do you send out digests?

Digests are sent out every week.


  • Who is running patentdigest.org?

We are a group of researchers and engineers working on machine learning and natural language processing.


  • Who are using patentdigest.org?

We started patentdigest.org in 2019. Since then, a large number of people have already subscribed to our service. Most of them are researchers, IP lawyers. Some business men, reporters and investors also subscribed to this service to track most recent patents.


  • How to cancel the service?

You can cancel the service any time using the following button:

Cancel Service


  • How to contact patentdigest.org?

All other questions, requests and comments can be sent to info@patentdigest.org.