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Artificial Intelligence for Patent Tracking, Search and Application


We use technology to facilitate patent tracking, search and application.

It is a daily job for researchers and businessmen to track and read new patents in their interested areas. Such work could usually take long hours to finish and involve reviewing information from multiple sources. Our technology, by leveraging the state of the art artificial intelligence techniques, is able to track and analyze all recent patents uploaded to USPTO, and then provides a list of patent weekly digests for subscribers to read. In terms of patent applications, we provide an AI service to recommend patent attorneys with strong experience  in the areas specified by inventors. This typically results in a better match, and significantly speeds up the patent application process.


We track patents in real time.


We analyze all recent patents, and extract the main ideas.


We send each subscriber a weekly patent digest on the fields that they subscribe.


Weekly Patent Digest

Receive weekly patent digest customized to your interests via email.


US Patent Search

Search for US patents published and granted since 2005 using keywords.


Patent Attorney Search

Use artificial intelligence to find patent attorneys, firms that have strong experience in a particular area.

Find Lawyers

CPC Lookup

Use artificial intelligence to find the most appropriate CPC codes for a patent topic.

CPC Lookup

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